Maaya 2 episode 2

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Maaya 2 episode 2

We get a peek inside the operations of the new Resistance group, the Red Hand, and their merciless guerilla warfare tactics. We begin with watching a young woman named Frankie Brun Lyndon Smith manipulate a sickly man into bombing the Green Zone.

Bennett orders them to follow up on Frankie, to whom they have connected the most recent Green Zone bombing and also the one at their headquarters. After a shootout, they find Frankie and three others. Burke lines them up for an interrogation, but instead he executes them one by one. Will walks away, powerless and disgusted. Could this decision come back to haunt him?

Mayaa 2 - मया 2 - CG Film - Full Movie - Prakash Awasthi - Rajesh Awasthi - Shikha Chitambare

Frankie starts to have a heart attack and Will frees her from her restraints. While Burke is yelling at him, she is able to get to a suicide pill she had hidden. She kills herself before Will can stop her. Later, Bennett reprimands Will and Burke over the botched interrogation from Bennett. Nolan Burgess Adrian Pasdar comes under scrutiny from the hosts when a data audit shows a sensitive file was downloaded from his computer the night of the dinner party.

Maddie tries again to get Katie to buy in to the new world order and tells her to work things out with Lindsey. She somehow manages to keep from throwing up in her mouth as Lindsey launches into her sanctimonious Greatest Day diatribe and succeeds in inviting Lindsey back.

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Snyder promises to try to send Bram home, so Bram tells him about a planned escape. When Bram brings the keycard to Maya, she pours him a drink in the same kind of cup that Frankie Brun used, then toasts to liberty. Has Bram unwittingly joined the Red Hand? He knows about the Apollo 10 mission, May 18,the fourth manned mission to the moon. The sounds recorded on that mission match the new recording Broussard brought him. The old Apollo recording was counting down to the Arrival, which begs the question: What are the current sounds counting down to?

Bram is still trying to process what just happened when they hear a noise. Maya arms Bram with a screwdriver and tells him to deal with the threat. Bram comes face to face with Jenkins Mac Brandtwho relishes the opportunity to punish Bram.

Bram is severely outclassed, but Morales comes to his rescue in the nick of time, killing Jenkins with a blow to the head. Maya never returns.

A while later, the cargo space ship takes off and after it clears the camp, the entire bloc can see it explode in a giant fireball.

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Morales confirms that Maya rode the ship to detonate the bomb.For other episodes, we provide direct link to original creator platform. People use mymovierack for rating, reviewing and keeping track of watchlist. Get your free account! Sign In Lists Movies Trailers. Air date: 30 May '18 - 3 episodes. When Sonia has a nervous breakdown and forgets the last 6 months of her life, her husband, Abhishek, is forced to dig into her life to find out what had caused the trauma.

Maaya season 2 has 3 episodes. It is created by Vikram Bhatt. Season 2 for Maaya aired on 30 May '18 and available to watch online on streaming platform VB on Web. All Seasons. List of Episodes 3. Maaya 2 is the love story of two girls, Ruhi and Simmi who dared to fall love in love where it is not considered to be normal to do so.

Is their love powerful enough to fight Puneet, a man who is hell-bent on breaking them, and the mindset of the entire society?. Watch the second episode of Maaya 2. Watch the third episode of Maaya 2. Forgot Password? Sign in using Facebook. Sign in using Google. Personalized recommendation based on your taste. All web-series at one place. Watch Now New Want to watch is in your watchlist. More from. Ek Thi Begum. Dead to Me. Kavita Bhabhi. XXX: Uncensored.Maaya released in was one of the first big studio web series that were releases in India.

Maaya Full Season Two

The topic Vikram Bhatt chose was a taboo and suitable for the medium that did not impose any restrictions. Now, Vikram Bhatt is back with another controversial topic to make a statement about personal choices and sexual orientation.

Latest Web Series Releases. Directed by Krishna Bhatt Maaya 2 series ropes in popular TV stars in its new story that is not connected to the first season. Maaya 2 revolves around Simmi and Ruhi. Simmi is living a normal life. She agrees to everything her parents say and is also engaged to a boy they approve of.

However, there is a storm brewing underneath. The love of her life is a girl, Ruhi. But Simmi is not as courageous as Ruhi. She cannot even dare to say aloud that she is madly in love with Ruhi and want to marry her, not the boy she is engaged to. Ruhi is her exact opposite. But in a country where moral policing is considered a birth right by every individual, and same-sex engagements are a criminal offence, Simmi and Ruhi have a road full of obstacles before they can live without fear and persecution.

Watch this trailer of Maaya 2 web series and tell us if you like the way the series handles this topic. Your email address will not be published. Please contact the developer of this form processor to improve this message. Even though the server responded OK, it is possible the submission was not processed. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.If the producers of Fifty Shades of Grey were to film it in India, they would very well take a cue from Maaya, the first-ever "kinky" series in India.

It portrays the desires of a woman, and allows us to picturize all that an indian woman has to go through in quest of fulfilling herself. In that process, it tries to break a lot of barriers and myths about BDSM - about how it's nothing abnormal in the first place. The story revolves around a lonely girl and her obsession with finding love in strange places.

One day, he finds this dark website on the internet where a man catches her attention as she feels his story is quite hers as well.

She decides to meet this guy and express her feelings For other episodes, we provide direct link to original creator platform. People use mymovierack for rating, reviewing and keeping track of watchlist. Get your free account! Sign In Lists Movies Trailers. Watch Trailer. Adult Drama. Web Series 3 Seasons.

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Maaya Creator : Vikram Bhatt. Report Data. Watch Later. Add to List NEW. Maaya Plot When Sonia has a nervous breakdown and forgets the last 6 months of her life, her husband, Abhishek, is forced to dig into her life to find out what had caused the trauma. It is created by Vikram Bhatt. Maaya is currently streaming at VB on Web. Veer Aryan. Parina Chopra.

Vipul Gupta. More shows like Maaya. I Love Us. Latest Episodes View all Seasons. Episode 2.The "Most Anticipated Indian Movies and Shows" widget tracks the real-time popularity of relevant pages on IMDb, and displays those that are currently generating the highest number of pageviews on IMDb.

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Each title is ranked according to its share of pageviews among the items displayed. Pageviews for each item are divided by the aggregate number of pageviews generated by the items displayed. Ross Lynch fires pucks all over the place as he teaches Jay how to be a hockey goalie in the "Special Skills" season finale.

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Watch the video. See what's trending now. When Sonia has a nervous breakdown and forgets the last 6 months of her life, her husband, Abhishek, is forced to dig into her life to find out what had caused the trauma. Abhishek soon It's romantic journey who will be the passenger and who will become the ultimate Love destination.

Season of Love

The trap is laid. But who's the prey? Is Aryan going to arrest Aaliyah or is he going to be arrested in her love? What will happen when these too super intelligent brains will start working Business tycoon, Ranbir Eaichand's wife found raped and murdered. As the code takes up the investigation, Rabbit's affair with supermodel Alia comes out to the open. The 'other' love story is a journey of 2 young girls who fall in love and they act on it without thinking twice There is a lot of stigma associated with such a relationship, but inside the heart, only love endures.

Devdas gets hotter and bolder with more attitude, drama, and alcohol like never before in this modern-day avatar. Follow the adventures of Devika as she falls in and out of love, lust, and betrayal to get a taste of the wild side.

maaya 2 episode 2

Rain portrays the story of a girl trapped with four persons from her past and one of them wants her dead. Who can she trust? Watch all the episodes of Hadh, a brand new web series by filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. It is yet another scintillating web series, the fight for an empire of millions and the race to win Spotlight is a story of a famous bollywood actress, Sana Sanyal. The story rotates around her ups and down, her relationships and the naked truth of Bollywood life.

With this, she can foresee the future in advance. One fine day, she meets a fashion Natasha is a surgical intern at a hospital and an escort by night. She wakes up to find Jayant Kalyan, a Pharmaceutical baron, lying dead next to her. Maaya 2 is the love story of two girls, Ruhi and Simmi, who dared to fall in love in a world where it is not considered normal to do so.

Is their love powerful enough to fight Puneet, a man who is hell bent on breaking them, and the mindset of an entire society? Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.Vikram Bhatt stepped into the web-series space in with his online channel VB on the Web and has been creating shows on various subjects ever since. It has been in news for the on-screen kiss between Leena Jumani and Priyal Gor.

The show though is more than just a story about a lesbian couple in love.

maaya 2 episode 2

We list down five reasons why you should not miss this attempt by Vikram Bhatt, which tells an unconventional love story through Maaya 2. In this second instalment of Maaya 2Bhatt explores a lesbian love story.

The show is about two drastically different women, falling in love with each other. While Ruhi Leena Jumani is absolutely proud and open about her sexuality, Simmi Priyal Gor is conservative and shy about it. She is constantly trying to hide her sexuality and in fact engaged to Puneet Pranav Sachdev. It is interesting to watch the story unfold, and the two woman battle the society and stereotypes together, for their love.

Twilight Zone

The show has a pleasantly surprising set of characters, who have mystery and depth in them. What keeps you hooked is they are all believably written. Each character has layers and they are very well-written.

maaya 2 episode 2

Their roles in Maaya involved intense scenes and they had to make out on screen more than once. Both the actors bravely opted for their respective roles, despite the existing taboos about homosexuality in our society. While a lot of mainstream actors are still reluctant to do such roles, these two girls have dared to take the challenge and pulled it off really well.

One thing common in all the web-series from Vikram Bhatt's production is the suspense genre. Bhatt's Maaya 2 is no different. There is a cat and mouse game going on between Ruhi-Simmi and Puneet. Each episode has a new crisis situation and there's a mystery around who did what. Maaya had a murder mystery while Maaya 2 's mystery is more about a power-game and leak of an MMS clip.

The show is popularised for being a lesbian love-story but it is also more than that. There is an underlined commentary on our society and the existing taboos about homosexuality. Puneet is an abusive fiance, which is acceptable, though, Simmi's love for Ruhi isn't because they are a same-sex couple. Throughout the show, the girls are blackmailed and are threatened for violating Section Jump to navigation.

Maaya 2 to Twisted: 5 Indian web series that explored lesbian relationships. The lesbian kiss between Priyal Gor and Leena Jumani for web series Maaya 2 recently went viral on web.

While the portrayal of same sex relationships is still a tabboo on small screen, digital medium in the recent times has opened up for such love stories. A look at the web series that explored lesbian love. Twisted A murder mystery that keeps you hooked till the very end, had a track where the protagonist of the show Aliah Mukherjee Nia Sharma gets into a lesbian relationship with her female friend Zara Isha Sharma to use her as a pawn in her game plan.

The two are seen making love and locking lips. Their romance starts like any other regular couple, but confessing their feelings for each other is not that easy. Even more difficult would be facing the world holding each other's hands. While the web series will start streaming on May 30, its trailer is already making ripples online.

Spotlight In Spotlight, Tridha Chaudhary plays an aspiring actress who can go to any extent to bag her dream role. When she finds out that her biggest competitor is a lesbian, she uses it against her to snatch away a project from her. She is in love with model Mahi Sharma, but is in a steady relationship with a man. Dev DD The Alt Balaji series revolves around a young woman trying to break all the stereotypes around how an Indian woman should be.


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